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Posted on November 2, 2018 in General

When Jorge founded the company in 2017 he settled on the name “höhe” which is German for “Height, Altitude, High, or Level”. He felt the name would create a conversation.  (It certainly does… everyone asks how to pronounce it or asks its meaning)

It also has a serendipitous meaning in that we are physically located in the “heights” in our city on N. Polk St. As I came on board we discussed the company and it’s unique name and decided it was time to re-brand to better recognize the meaning and intent behind our firm.

With this we reached out to O’Dell Design Co. to collaborate with us on creating a logo and brand that emphasized the German name and to further relate it to our architectural firm.  After several discussions-we decided it would only be fitting to have a Bauhaus inspired logo.

Chances are…you may not know the history of the Bauhaus School. It was founded in 1919 in Weimar, Germany by Walter Gropius. It was a school that had artists, sculptors, architects, furniture designers, graphic designers all working collaboratively pushing the envelope on design.

They were truly the early pioneers of the modern architecture movement. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “Form follows Function” …it started right here.

Sadly, as World War Two began, the school was forced to shut down under pressure from the Nazi Regime. But the spirit of Bauhaus remained and spread throughout the world and the United States as the protege’s took up new residence. They left an imprint all over the world from famous architectural projects, to new type faces.

Our company is similarly comprised of people and cultures from all over the world-coming together to collaborate and redefine what architecture can be.   With the help of our graphic designer he married the name to a logo using a modern take on the original Bauhaus inspired type faces and we couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Our firm is committed to collaboration and innovation, and with this…ultimately the success of a project.  While not a single one of us is German- we are proud of our identity, and feel it truly captures what we do as a firm and the heights we want to achieve!

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