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Posted on November 17, 2018 in General

Success means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. To some- money is success. To others- they feel power conveys success. Material possessions often convey success.  This however is viewed through the lens of self not others.

At Höhe Design Group we define success with different metrics.

For us, success is knowing we helped our client succeed in their project-no matter the size or scale.  Architecture isn’t and shouldn’t be about us…but rather the client whom comes to us. We have a responsibility to everyone we interact with to help drive success.

When we have an initial consultation we are trying to ascertain many things. Programmatic issues, budget constraints, the identity of the client, and their vision. It’s often been said that architect’s wear many hats (or put another way-our profession knows a little about a lot). We have become adept at reading into the client’s heart and soul and developing a design solution that not only meets their needs they know-but meets the needs they didn’t know they had.

This is success at one level. Capturing the client needs.

But success doesn’t stop with a design the client likes. Success is a multifaceted ongoing process, project to project, year to year.

Success also has to come from our collaboration with both our consultants and our contractors. You can design a great project but if you have the wrong team surrounding it-it will ultimately fail. This is why we carefully analyze which consultants to partner with to deliver the needed results on a per project basis. We foster good relationships with many consultants and engineers so we know when we team up we can collaboratively push the project to new heights.

We’ve also realized through our years in the profession that not every contractor or project delivery method is right for every project.  We feel this sets us apart in that we are able to identify and work with the right contractor and the right delivery method based on the project at hand.

You can take the exact same project and dependent upon which contractor is or isn’t chosen you could end up with a successful project or a failure.  

It’s critical to have the right building team surrounding you and we’ve set up shop to be able to handle any project delivery method available. We know that not everyone needs a major general contractor. Some do- of course, but besides the traditional delivery methods we’ve found that construction management services and design build services work often times better dependent upon client and budget. Having the right partnership with the right contractor for the job will ultimately produce a successful project. With our collaborative approach to design and construction we don’t view any contractor as an enemy-but as an ally with whom we can directly partner with to help the client get the vision they dreamed. In many of our project delivery services we work with the contractors from the beginning to develop pricing, and to bounce ideas back and forth on how to deliver a project which comes in on budget and in time. As I’ve mentioned before-here at Höhe…we leave our ego at the door.

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You can’t have success without the first two tenets. Success ultimately for our firm is found in the satisfied clients we have. It’s found in contractors who’ve enjoyed the working process and it’s found in consultants who love to work with us.

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