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Posted on November 27, 2018 in General

Architecture is like any art form. It should evolve to capture the spirit and essence of the place. It should be creative, fresh, and a unique approach to design-ever evolving.

But tragically most architectural firms get stuck in a design rut. Using the same materials, construction techniques, and pushing out the same building over and over. All over the world, there are countless buildings that look almost the exact same as the one next to it.

At Höhe Design Group, innovation is standard. Independently of the project scope or size; our approach is to provide unique, environmentally friendly, and practical solutions. Pushing the boundaries everywhere leads to a building that is not just functional-but beautiful. At Höhe Design-we aren’t afraid to spend the extra time needed to design something that’s BOTH beautiful and functional.

Unfortunately all too often architects want to spend time elsewhere, vs. taking the extra time to really create dynamic vibrant spaces.

What makes us different than the “other firms” is our willingness to go the extra step to push boundaries and
preconceived ideas and re-establish what architecture should really be. Our constant research of design and building ideas provides the platform on which we design solutions that perform AND provide the best value. We work to incorporate green building concepts, and actively site our buildings to maximize the natural elements available.

Architecture shouldn’t be about creating buildings. Architecture SHOULD be about creating functional art that pushes the envelope in design and in creating a true sense of place. Come talk with us, and we’ll work to deliver you a building that not only meets your needs… but creates a space of significance.

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