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Posted on August 27, 2019 in Educational

The ongoing national conversation on school security has presented unique challenges for architects. School design must adapt to evolving community concerns, support student safety and create productive learning. While school security is a multifaceted issue, architects have a unique skill set they can use to help. Here is how we are creating school facilities that are both safe and pleasant for students.

Strategic design for safe schools

Architects weave strategies to keep students safe into the design process of every building. The goal is to create a safe environment without making the space feel or look like a prison on lockdown. We can retrofit educational campuses with systems used to protect students and faculty from violent attacks. This includes perimeter control, visual access/surveillance, internal locking mechanisms for classroom doors, secure entry vestibules and more.

Striking a balance

We must design schools to keep students safe, but these measures should not impede a students ability to learn and relax in their surroundings. Some safety measures can cause paranoia and anxiety for students, so as architects we have to use strategic thinking to develop a safe, pleasant atmosphere for students and faculty.

We understand that physical barriers are only part of building a secure school. At Höhe Design Group, our goal is to utilize the tools we have available to create a less isolating environment for students. The ideal environment is one that encourages student collaboration, engages natural light and supports programs focused on awareness and prevention. We believe innovative and architectural solutions can keep learning central to the decision-making process of designing a safe facility.

Reasonable outlook

School shootings have fostered a climate of fear and outrage for many school districts. It is impossible to rely solely on school facilities to prevent violent incidents. Architecture can help, but it can only do so much. As architects, we’re continuing to learn how we can better design educational facilities to meet both the safety and aesthetic needs of the districts we serve.

At Höhe Design Group, we work with school districts to help implement better safety measures for their educational facilities. Our education projects are diverse and unique. View our Portfolio for information on our design work throughout the Texas Panhandle. Contact Us to learn more about Höhe Design Group and how we can help you with the design and planning of your educational facility, home, office, residential space, or other custom structure.

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