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Architectural and Engineering Services

At Höhe Design Group, we provide comprehensive architectural and design services to meet the specific and dynamic needs of our clients. Our projects include educational campuses, commercial and corporate buildings, industrial building shells/built-to-suits, tenant improvements/interior remodels, and more. Beyond fulfilling programmatic demands, well-designed campuses and buildings, we help companies attract and retain valued employees and customers. Our team produces creative, well-considered designs that enhance the human experience with better environments for learning, work, research, development, and the creating and sharing of ideas.

Our team has gained us the trust and preference of many clients and contractors alike. We have served over 40 school districts as well as 4 universities and colleges throughout Texas. We are licensed in Texas, Oklahoma and Wisconsin. We are members of the American Institute of Architects, Texas Society of Architects, Construction Specifications Institute, National Council of Architectural Registration Board and LEED AP.

Residential Development and Design Services

Höhe Haus, our residential division, provides superior, comprehensive and complete residential design services. We provide an array of residential services from builder sets to full custom residential sets. Our residential services include graphic renderings, interior finish selections, permitting, and on-site inspections. Our team is improving the residential market by providing complete drawing sets that are professionally designed and stamped in a timely manner. We are also members of the Texas Panhandle Builders Association and the Texas Association of Builders.

The Next Frontier of Tech Innovation

Architecture is built on visionary thinking and is filled with promising technology that is transforming the present and future of architecture. At Höhe Design Group, the future is here. We are at the intersection of architecture and technology making it a reality. We are not only pushing existing tech to new limits, but teaming with designers, developers and clients to come up with elegant solutions that perform and function as intended within budget.

We are harnessing the power of BIM to fully explore the constructability of ideas at the concept stage, in order to prove the design’s feasibility before a contractor is involved. Once carefully examined, our intensely data-rich 3D models and documentation go far beyond client presentation to guide every decision in the field with absolute accuracy.
Implementing VR Capabilities (coming soon) will allow us to present projects to our clients in a tangible way so they can feel and understand the space before a single shovel is placed into the ground.

Let Höhe Design Group make your projects a reality.


To shape a better world by enhancing the quality of our surroundings through beautiful designs and practical solutions.

The Höhe Way

At Höhe Design Group, we are reaching for new heights.

We pride ourselves in having a culture of sound design that values and extends our client’s interests. We use cutting edge technology combined with our experienced design team to deliver solutions that are both innovative and practical. We aim to enhance the quality of lives in the workplace, at home and in a vast array of private and public spaces.

It is our belief that functional and attractive architecture comes from solutions that respond to specific circumstances and needs of those whose lives are affected by the buildings they occupy. We create unique spaces and environments where people can thrive, be informed and be inspired.

Our objective is to listen to the needs of our clients, collaborate, seek long-term relationships, and provide breathtaking yet practical design solutions that are true to our core values and beliefs.

By doing this, we are creating a legacy of success – design pleasant built spaces and environments for a better life…for a better world.

Our Design Principles

  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Passion
  • Legacy
  • Success

Meet Our Team

Michael Brown

Firm Manager

Jorge Ramirez, AIA

Firm Principal

Amy Rainey, LEED AP & NCARB

Design Lead & Project Manager

Gus Cortez, NCARB & AIA Associate

Design Lead

Vanessa Gamboa, NCARB & AIA Associate

Design Lead

Sara Ibarra

Drafting & Design

Emily Mitchell

Residential Designer/Manager

Joshua Brinson

Drafting & Design

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