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Prioritizing Design As A School Security Solution

August 27, 2019 • Educational

The ongoing national conversation on school security has presented unique challenges for architects. School design must adapt to evolving community…

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How ArchiCAD Software Helps Our Architects Succeed

June 19, 2019 • General

The team at Höhe Design Group utilizes the latest computer-aided design (CAD) software, ArchiCAD, in our design process. Traditional CAD…

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Fostering a Collaborative Environment

December 11, 2018 • General

Architecture is not about ego.  It’s not (always) about creating the grandest building in town.  It’s not pushing your ideas…

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Why Innovation Matters

November 27, 2018 • General

Architecture is like any art form. It should evolve to capture the spirit and essence of the place. It should…

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Success is Foundational

November 17, 2018 • General

Success means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. To some- money is success. To others-…

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Identity and Origins

November 2, 2018 • General

When Jorge founded the company in 2017 he settled on the name “höhe” which is German for “Height, Altitude, High,…

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