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Client Vision

Carson Wealth is a wealth management group headquartered in Amarillo, Texas. They asked us to help them build their own building after growing out of space they leased. The team at Carson Wealth stressed the importance of conveying a sense of solidity, strength, and transparency in the design.

They tasked our architects with creating a semi-modern concept while maintaining a traditional material palette on the exterior. The building needed to be designed with multiple functions in mind: employee functions, cookouts, meeting and daily office life. To accomplish this, an outdoor kitchen and patio needed to be built, besides the standard office spaces.

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Our goal was to develop a building that conveyed the team’s design wishes. The concept has to encompass conference rooms, office spaces, open spaces for parties/trainings, and an overall sense of transparency. We accomplished this with interior glazing and frosted film for privacy in each office. The design also included private offices for executive members, four workstations for other employees, and a second floor to serve as the owner’s personal hideaway.

We also designed an enclosed courtyard with a bar and party space. A pass-through window was added in the kitchen to allow the breakroom to reach into the outside area. Materials consisted of a palette with heavy, grounded colors and materials. Stone and heavy timber were used, as well as brick on the exterior. To convey upward mobility financially, we included clearstory windows that run over the large conference room. This towering element creates the perception of strength and upward growth.


We used multiple structural systems to construct the building. It consists of a large steel frame to support the main conference volume with exposed steel trusses. A large portion of the remaining structure is framed using traditional lumber. We used oversized cedar timber for the area with canopies. We mixed and matched framing techniques to deliver our client the best solution for the best price. Our team worked hand in hand with the construction manager to view all unit prices and material costs to develop the best structural system.

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