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Client Vision

Our client was an accomplished restaurant owner with the goal of opening a new spot in Amarillo, Texas. The goal was to create a unique sports bar and dining experience. Since friends and family don’t always pull for the same team, the owner wanted to show a “house divided” by creating two unique spaces within the restaurant.

He wanted a sports bar and a restaurant, with a carefully planned separation for the different guests. The owner’s vision included a festive bar area for a sports loving crowd. In addition, he wanted VR sports rooms where customers could play games. Another element would be a large patio area for people to enjoy on nice days.

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Our architects developed a modern aesthetic for the restaurant and bar with large overhangs, flat roofs, and transparency throughout the building. The restaurant was divided into two areas: a relaxed atmosphere for dining and a bright, fun area for sports customers. From finishes to the overall design, the restaurant fulfilled the concept of a house divided, both literally and philosophically.


Because of the size and scope of the restaurant, we chose a wood-framed construction with steel supporting members. When determining structural systems, we have to consider several things: economics, size, span, and more. We always work to develop the most cost-effective structural solution when designing a building. For this restaurant, we used composite wood joists for the roof. This allowed the underside of the roof deck to remain exposed and still keep a sleek look. 

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