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Client Vision

West Texas Gas, Inc. has become a leader in natural gas services in Texas and in the Oklahoma Panhandle region. Headquartered in Midland, Texas, WTG has operated as a natural gas public utility in the State of Texas since 1976. WTG has core businesses in natural gas distribution operations, natural gas marketing, natural gas transmission services, oil & gas production, gas gathering and processing, and refined products distribution. WTG owns and operates approximately 5,797 miles of Natural Gas Distribution mainlines and serves 28,670 customers within the states of Oklahoma and Texas.

WTG had been leasing their business offices in a commercial business park in Amarillo. Though, there was more leasing space available, WTG saw the need to promote their own identity in the area. They capitalize on an opportunity to have their own office building and add maintenance shops and equipment yards for their operations. WTG has been on a constant growth and the proportional needs to accommodate their growth is relative to their staff, operations centers and business offices. Their visions were simple; accommodate their operation needs and facilitate future growth. Among their needs was reception and accounts payable areas, business offices, training and conference areas, shared office areas and 24/7 operation of emergency / control room. Maintenance shops with overhead cranes and outdoor storage areas for equipment and machinery was a must to facilitate the field operations for this region.

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Our goal was to deliver a building that met the client’s vision and was versatile to accommodate as many aspects of the operations of our client. We set out on a quest to give the building an opportunity to reflect the high importance that utility services have on our community as well as to represent the strong foundation on which this company was built on. The interior spaces were placed to provide a functional and convenient environment for the business part of the operations. Space adjacencies and importance played a role in location and orientation of the offices as well as after hour access and security.

Training room and staff meeting areas were placed adjacent to hospitality spaces and service areas to provide a smooth flow of activity and high volume traffic and well as outdoor access for exterior demonstrations and enjoyment of the outdoors, therefore, making the training spaces practical yet separate enough as not to disturb daily business operations. Multiple access points into the building areas were provided to reduce the travel distances and simplify the access of the multiple personnel to their operation areas.


Future growth was incorporated by designing a structure and a building profile that can accommodate a second story of office and common spaces. As a wood frame structure, spray foam insulated walls, TPO roofing system, efficient mechanical and electrical systems and a durable yet attractive exterior finishes, this building has all the attractive characteristics of modern construction while still maintaining compatibility to the architecture of our area and provides the ease to maintain and operate the building.

Mechanical and electrical systems were designed with the capacity to provide service to a second story. The building profile, proportions and egress has been computed to seemingly incorporate additional office areas. Located adjacent to V F W Road 2590, this building is located conveniently for community access and provides an easier ingress and egress of operations machinery and equipment. The high structure and the modern touch surely attract the eye of the by passers accomplishing part of the vision which is to promote the identity of West Texas Gas.

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